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Gluten Free
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Earth’s Finest Organic Coconut Flour is a tasty, wholesome and healthier alternative to wheat and other grains or white flours. Made from the finest organic coconuts, this flour is naturally sweet and can be used in cooking as well as low-carb baking.

Organic Coconut Flour can offer a range of health benefits. Coconut Flour is high in essential vitamins and minerals. Made solely from coconuts, it can promote good digestion and heart health making it a smart choice when choosing flour alternatives.

Nutrition Facts

Per 100g

Energy: 365.2 Kcal

Carbohydrate: 37.0g (Of that Sugar: 12.6g)

Total Fat: 16.8g (Of that Saturates: 16.0g)

Trans Fat: 0.0g

Protein: 16.4g

Sodium: 44.6mg

Fiber: 18.2g

Calcium: 32.9mg

Iron: 6.0mg

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